Crystal Unit 212SMX-HT

Mini size 2x1,2x0,55mm

Frequency (F) : 32,768KHz

Tolerance (df/F) : +/-20ppm at 25°C

Load Capacitance (CL) : 12,5pF

Operating Temp range (TO) : -40 to +125°C


Multimedia Speaker & Receiver

Mini size

Fit for Multimedia, Cloud & apps products

15 Automatic product lines

4,5 Million monthly capacity

24 Hours production


SPM04C MEMS Microphone

Unique Piezoelectric MEMS transducer

Very low noise floor / Low oart to part variation

High Dynamic range

Flat Frequency response

Small size, Waterproof


Ultra Thin LiPo Battery

Thin LiPo Battery 042541

Thickness 0,4 up to 1mm

3,7V / 18mAh

High C Rate at request


Curved LiPo Battery

Curved LiPo Battery Radian II/6 to 2II/3

Widht 8 to 50mm

Thickness 0,5 to 10mm

Capacity 80 to 5000mAh



Ultra Capacitor HP Series

2,7V / 3000V